Nozzles for 1600W heat gun

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    Standard nozzles for 1600w heat gun

    Item Standard Nozzles for 1600w heat gun
    40mm Flat nozzle
    20mm Flat nozzle
    5mm Quick slot nozzle
    Triangle  Speed nozzle

    There nozzles are 20mm flat nozzle, 40mm flat nozzle,5mm quick slot nozzle, speed nozzle, etc.Material is stainess steel.

    Besides,these nozzles are suitable for heat gun model ZX1600, ZX1600MA,ZX1600F,etc.

    We can also customize other type and size nozzles as you need.

    When you use the heat gun,please cover the suitable nozzle on air outlet of heat gun.

    The speed nozzle is used by matching with 5mm quick slot nozzle. You can insert PVC,PE,HDPE welding rod in the speed nozzle when welding.


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