ZX3000 Air Heater

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    Type ZX3000
    Voltage(V) 230V
    Power(W) 3300W
    Rate(HZ) 50/60HZ
    Minimum air volume(L/min) 300 L/min
    Heating temperature(℃) 20~650℃,continously
    Condition New
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimension(mm) 225x70x58mm
    Usage Shrink, Thermo forming,welding,drying,cleaning,

    Hot melt adhesive activation, Blow the burr

    Weight(KG) 1.2Kg
    Certificate CE FCC


    1. Electronic control temperature, temperature from normal temperature to 650℃ which can be continuously adjusted.
    2. Small volume, light weight, easy to install.
    3. Matching with air supply equipment, it can be widely used in film shrink tunnel furnaces,hose seals the tail machine, all kinds of dryer, non-woven fabrics in EVA membrane bonders, “heating assembly” of mechanical assembly equipment or the environment.



    1. Connect tool to the mains.
    2. The mains connection cable should have the corresponding cross section area of conductor and should be fitted by a specialist.
    3. As required,push-fit appropriate nozzle or reflector.
    4. Adjust the hot temperature via the potentiometer.

    5. Make sure that the hot air can flow freely(fire hazard).
    6. The HEATFOUNDER company, as well as the authorized sales and service centers, offer advice and an introduction to the areas
    of application of hot air tools,free of charge.
    7. After use, allow the tool to cool down by letting cold air flow through it(preventing warm air back pressure).

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