Automatic Mask Production Line

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    Equipment advantages:

    1. The main components of the equipment adopt brand-name products to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
    2. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, iron parts do anti-rust treatment, the equipment is neat and beautiful.
    3. Automatic alarm device, the alarm light flashes when a fault occurs.
    4. The fault is automatically prompted, and the fault location will be indicated on the display when a fault occurs.
    5. Historical fault information query is beneficial to maintenance and improvement of equipment.
    6. Automatic material stop, warning light flashes and beeps and is displayed on the central control touch display.
    7.Earband machine automatic foolproof function, continuous earband abnormal supply, the device will stop and prompt and warning lights flash.
    8. Since 2009, the industry’s first earband machine to use a stepper motor instead of a rotary cylinder manufacturer.
    9. Automatic speed control, when one earphone is stopped, the speed of the main machine is automatically reduced by 50% to adapt to the normal production of the other earphone, and the purpose of stopping production is achieved. When the shutdown earband machine is restarted, the main body machine resumes normal production speed production, which is truly fully automatic operation and control.
    10. Compared with stand-alone equipment, it has obvious advantages in saving labor. One set of one tow two equipment can save about three to four people’s labor compared to a single machine, greatly saving labor costs and management costs.


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