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    Shaped and hardened foam
    The Foam Hot Cut Knife requires no special training or skills, allowing you to easily create straight edges or complex shapes without causing confusion and annoyance.

    Does not degrade foam cutting solutions
    Due to the speed response, foam and cutting will not leave the dust and debris commonly used in traditional knives. No dust or polystyrene capsules left, easy to clean.For industrial use, it is a popular choice for rigid foam models, DIY and construction.

    Like a hot knife made from butter
    It takes only 10 seconds to reach the cutting temperature, and this cutting system will slide through a light-resistant rigid foam. Easy to operate, can be cut into a hand shape or easily follow the guide to easily cut to fit.
    How to use a hot knife
    The cutter is designed for rigid foams including styrene, polystyrene (PS), PUR rigid foam, Neopor, polyurethane and PU foam. This is a hot cutter system with blades that can heat up to 932 F (500C).

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