Thick Film Heating Round Plates

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    Thick Film Heating Elements are used in a number of applications, such as in household appliances, railway transport, gastro-facilities, machinery and many other industrial sectors. The thick film heating elements are produced in large volume, as well as special single-piece production.

    Thick film heating elements are suitable for contact heating of plan surfaces, and can be used to heat other mediums through a vessel. We have recently introduced another product range of thick film heating element on a tube, which may be used in applications requiring heating of flowing liquid.



    •The element is on a flat sheet thus ensuring significantly better heat transfer to flat wall as compared to tubular element
    •Quick temperature rise time – energy savings
    •Easy assembly and disassembly – cost savings
    •Possible high surface load – tens of W/cm2
    •Inner surface of heated vessel remain smooth and easily washable
    •Very suitable for heating of aggressive liquids
    •No need to discharge the vessel content during maintenance
    •Heating through sufficiently large area may effectively prevent burning of content to the vessel surface



    •Household electric appliances
    •Medical and laboratory devices
    •Industrial vessels and storage tanks
    •Round-bottom vessel
    •Heating of bottom by heating elements and walls by band heaters
    •Machine part heating
    •Liquid bath
    •Air heating
    •Oil bath
    •Vessel with aggressive liquid
    •Heating in production line
    •Thick film heating element with control
    •Detail of thick film heating element with control
    •Waxing iron

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