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    Equipment functions and introduction:

    1. This machine is operated by a single person. This machine uses ultrasonic waves to dissolve the elastic band on both sides of the mask body to complete the elastic band mask.
    2. The operator put the mask body and the elastic band at each point of the ultrasonic wave at the same time, and the foot switch can be finished.  Cylinder welding fastness, adjustable welding time, built-in time relay, adjustable air pressure, moderate current adjustment, no noise, and extremely easy operation.
    3. Used in chemical fiber cloth, nylon cloth, knitted cloth, non-woven cloth, sprayed cotton, PE paper, PE + aluminum, PE + cloth composite materials.
    4. Application examples: lace suits, lace underwear, flower packaging ribbons, tents, raincoats, umbrellas, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, non-woven masks, rubber bands, diapers, motorcycle hats, non-woven bags, disposable surgical clothes,  Welding, compression, spot welding, embossing of underwear bra welding and other crafts.
    5. The ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts the original transducer, which has stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design and convenient operation.
    6. Eliminate the troubles of assembling needles, threads and spools of traditional sewing machines. Non-woven tapes (or other chemical fiber materials) can be spot-welded to non-woven bags with fastness to material strength.
    7. Continuous high-speed operation, high production efficiency, can improve quality and create profits.

    Performance and characteristics:
    1. Ultrasonic power is strong, up to 1500W, and it has large, medium and small power adjustment functions to meet the welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thickness;
    2. Multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the host;
    3. The mold rotation function makes the chassis wear uniform, prolongs the service life, and improves the processing quality; (Lace machine)
    4. This machine uses manual welding of elastic ear bands, which is easy to operate. This model can preset welding according to different thickness materials.  ; Picking time, avoiding manual control of welding, resulting in short and not strong, welding time is too long, textile fabric damage and other disadvantages.


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