ZX5700 Hot Wedge Welding machine

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Model: ZX5700
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Temperature: 20~600℃
Welding speed: 0.5~4 m/min
Thickness of materials: 0.5~2mm
Welding width: 15mm×2, cavity 15mm
Overlap width: 160mm
Seam strength: ≥85% parent material
Size( L*W*H): 352*267*267mm

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    Type ZX5700
    Power(W) 3000W
    Voltage(V) 220-230V
    Rate(Hz) 50/60HZ
    Welding speed(m/min) 0.5-4m/min
    Heating temperature(℃) 20~600℃
    Welding width 15mmx2,interior cavity 15mm
    Condition New
    Warranty 1 Year
    Color Green
    Packaging Aluminum box
    Package size 350x330x400mm
    Usage For welding PE PVC and other hot melt materials
    Certificate CE
    Thickness of material 0.5mm-2.0mm
    Overlap width 16cm
    Seam strength ≥85% base material(tensile resistant in shear direction)



    It can be applicable for welding PE、PVC、HDPE、EVA、PP and other hot melt material.



    1. Unplug the tools before opening it to avoid of being hurt by exposed wires or component inside the machine with power
    2. Incorrect use of it can cause fire and explosion hazard because of high temperature, especially near combustible materials and explosive gases.
    3. Don’t touch heater tube and nozzle when they are hot. They may cause burns. Don’t point hot air flow in the direction of people or animals.
    4. The voltage rating stated on the welder must correspond to line/mains voltage (220V).

    The drop cable / wire with protective earthed conductors can only be used.

    1. To ensure operator safety and reliable operation of equipment, the power supply must be installed power supply and leakage protection at the construction site.
    2. It must be running at the correct use of manipulation of the operator, or they may cause a fire or explosion caused by high temperature.
    3. Don’t use welder in the water, or on a muddy construction site, to avoid flooding, rain or moisture.

    Please contact us for explosive view of the welding machine.

    Welding process:

    1. Please lift the pressure handle (14) to separate the upper and down pressure roller (12), then plug the power and open the on power switch.
    2. Setting the welding parameters according to the data of welding test.
    3. Please wait the actual temperature value reaching the setting value.
    4. Put the welder at the welding position and put the two prepared materials (one up and the other one down) into the machine.
    5. Press the pressure handle (14) to make the upper and down pressure roller (12) in place. Then open the moving switch (31), the machine would start walking and welding automatically.
    6. To observe the relative position of the welding seam and the edge of the welded membrane at any time. It must be promptly corrected if there is deviation.
    7. When the welder walks into the end of material, the pressures handle needs to be lifted to separate the upper and down pressure roller in time.
    8. After completion of the welding work, press the buttons (24) and (25) on the panel to make the hot air blower in a cold blowing condition in order to cool the nozzle.




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