• Post time: 06-15-2023

    Trusted by Top Brands – Join the Ranks of Pit Boss, Lousisana, and Z-Grills: Our high-quality igniters have earned the trust of top brands in the industry, including Pit Boss, Lousisana, and Z-Grills. By working with us, they know they’re getting a reliable and safe product that excee...Read more »

  • We Cares A Lot About The Epidemic Situation Of Coronavirus
    Post time: 03-20-2020

    Heat Founder Group pay close attention to the epidemic situation world widely of Coronavirus, especially we cares a lot about the people who are living in the deep epidemic nations and areas of the virus. Considering the shortage of masks outside China, we have decided to deliver masks to people...Read more »

  • ZX10000 air heater
    Post time: 06-16-2019

    Recently we have developed a new air heater which is ZX10000(3x400v 11-18kw). It belongs to our ZX series air heaters. They are very suitable for sterilization, drying, heat shrinking and other heat treatment industries Read more »

  • Post time: 05-26-2019

    On May 25th. 2019, we organized outdoor activities, during which we played a lot of team games to enhance the relationship between colleagues and improve our teamwork ability, which was unforgettable. Read more »

  • ALY-93 ceramic igniter & ZX-B2 ignitor
    Post time: 05-10-2019

    Pellet igniter is one of our main products, and we now have developed new types of it, like 250w ceramic igniter, its length is not the traditional 97mm long, it becomes shorter but same wattage. And we have made hot air igniter which can be made to big pellet stove.   Read more »

  • Post time: 12-02-2018

    In the winter of 2018, we organized a charity sale, that we have collected a lot of stocked clothing from other loving companies and sold in the mall. Thanks for all the kind people, we got a big sum of money and took the train to the students who need help overnight. And We will insist on doing ...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-24-2018

    On Oct.22nd. 2018, Italian customers came to our company. We picked them up from the hotel and we had a pleasant meeting. We sent gifts for each other. Finally we made order intention. Read more »

  • PACK EXPO 2018
    Post time: 10-18-2018

    During Oct.14-17th 2018, we went to Chicago, USA to visit the PACK EXPO. Our cartridge heater, air heater, hot air blower can be used for packing machine. We know more applications and technology of different packing machine. Read more »

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