Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls

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    Name Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls
    Material Silicon Nitride
    Color Black
    Hardness HRC>=91
    Dimension 2.381/2.778/3.969/4.763/6.35/7.938/9.525/Customize
    Product advantages
    ●High hardness
    The Vickers hardness of ordinary Gcr15 bearing steel is 800HV, while the hardness of the silicon nitride ceramic ball is above 1700HV.
    ●High abrasion resistance
    Take our company’s craft of processing products as an example, ordinary steel ball machining (with a margin of one millimeter) takes about 2-4 hours, while silicon nitride ball processing requires at least 150-200 hours。
    ●Corrosion resistance
    The stability of ceramic materials is the most outstanding, especially silicon nitride balls, which hardly react with any substance, and are widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, food, and other industries that need to contact strong oxidants and strong reducing agents.
    ●Heat resistance
    The ceramic ball has to experience thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature and great pressure during the sintering process. Its internal molecular structure is very stable and the arrangement is very dense, which makes its thermal expansion coefficient very low, and changes in temperature have almost no effect on its structural size. The working temperature of the ceramic ball can reach 1200 degrees Celsius or even higher, and the low temperature has little effect on it, so it is widely used in the aerospace applications
    The weight of ceramic balls is only 50%-60% of ordinary steel balls, which is very promising in the field of bearings and aerospace.
    The ceramic ball itself has good self-lubricating properties and high machining accuracy. It can reach G5 and G10 grades. The ceramic ball is wear-resistant and has a stable structure and is not easy to deform, so it can be refined and applied to many special industries.
    Ceramic has a good insulation effect.

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