ZX1000 Flooring Welding machine

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    ZX1000 Flooring Welding machine 



    Item ZX1000
    Voltage 110V,230V
    Frequency 50HZ
    Rated power 3000W
    Welding temperature 0~620 ℃
    Welding speed 1~12 m/min
    Weld width 20-30 mm
    Dimensions (length width height) 475×290×205mm
    Weight 13kg


    1.Please confirm machine already turns off and plug already getting off before taking apart, to avoid electric shock by cables or components inside the machine.
    2. The welder would be heat a lot when working, might cause fire or explode if use in wrong way, especially when place close to combustible material or combustible gas. 
    3. Please don’t touch the nozzle and air tube( when machine working or just finish working before getting cold), and please don’t make the nozzle face to someone.
    4. The voltage of the power supply should be the same with the voltage on the machine, and please connect with ground reliably, please connect the machine power line to the socket which has the protection ground wire. 
    5. Power supply has to install with regulated power supply and leakage protector when using at work yard, to protect the security of operators and the normal operation of the machine.   
    6. Machine has to be operated in the right way, or would be burned or exploded by high temperature.
    7. Prohibited using in water, muddy ground, avoid rain, putting in water and damped.






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