ZX-BM4 Ignition Blower

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    Ignition Blower ZX-BM4   Data sheet:

    Specifications  IGNITION ZX-BM4  
    Voltage 230 V
    Frequency 50 HZ
    Rated Power 3400 W
     Min.Air flow 230 L/min 20 ℃
    Max.temperature 600
    Diameter φ90 mm
    Length 282 mm
    Weight 1.2 Kg
    Mark CE  

      Heatfounder ZX-BM4 ignition blower is specially developed for installation into pellet and wood chip boilers.

    We can also offer special plug for the ignition blower.

    ZX-BM4 hot air ignition blower


    Features of ZX-BM4 ignition blower:


    1. Designed specifically for pellet and wood furnaces

    2. Professional design, low noise, simple and convenient, direct ignition

    3. Fast ignition speed, it can light wood chips in 35-40S.

    4. Heating element and motor can be controlled separately.

    5. Overheating protection of heating element, if the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the product will automatically stop heating.

    6. Carbon brush, made by American Morgan, long lifespan

    7. Built-in installation unit, easy and flexible installation, there are multiple fixing methods, if the two brackets on both sides are removed ,it’s fixed by screws,if installed, it is fixed like one brand in Swiss.

    8.The terminal is common with one Swiss brand, and the German WAGO connector is plugged in, and the ignition is easy to replace.

    9. Short delivery time, standing stock, normal 5-7 working days, can provide accessories

    10.  The product has CE, in line with EU import trade standards

    11. Free samples available



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