MCH ceramic heating Plate

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    MCH Heating Plate

    NMCH ceramic heating component is a highly efficient environmental protection and energy saving ceramic heating components, mainly to replace now the most widely used alloy wire electronic components and PTC heating electric heating element and component.


    Technical features
    1. Energy saving, high thermal efficiency, the unit heat capacity than the PTC save 20%-30%;
    2. Security is not charged surface, insulation performance is good, can endure the withstand voltage of 4500v / 10s test, no breakdown, leakage current <0.5mA ;
    3. No impact current peak;
    4. Heating up fast;
    5. Without power attenuation;
    6. Security, the halogen-light;
    7. Good heat uniform consistency, high power density;
    8. Environmental protection, do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, such as pests, in full compliance with the eu ROHS environmental protection requirements;
    9. Long service life.
    10. At present the highest temperature can reach 500℃, especially suitable for industrial electric oven.

    Household appliances:warmer,hair dryer, clothes dryer, warming machine, electric heating panel, electric iron, hair straightener, Hair curling iron, electric cooker, sitting heater and so on.
    Industry: drying plant, electric adhesive machine,water and oil heater machine and so on.
    Electronics Industry: Crystal device thermostat
    Medical: Infrared therapy, Intravenous heating and so on.

    1. Fast speed of heating, high rate of heat utilization.
    2. Custom designed temperature distribution available
    3. Resistance of high temperature and high insulation rate.
    4. High resistance of high temperature creep.
    5. Superior chemical resistance.
    6. Excellent energy saving, safe and no electric noise, long lifetime.
    7. High levels of insulation allow direct contact with water, kerosene and metal.


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