Zirconia ceramic crucbile

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    Zirconia ceramic crucible

    Zirconia crucible for high purity combustion boat with high working temperature
    Zirconia crucible uesd for melting metals such as platinum, Max use temperature:2300 Density:6.01g/cm3
    Zirconia (ZrO2) can withstand the high temperature up to 2300°C and has very good resistance to chemical erosions and thermal shock. Zirconia crucible is ideal for the melting of precious metals and super-alloys. Zirconia crucibles are available in many sizes and shapes. Call for any custom production request.

    Content: ZiO2≥99.9%
    Density: 6.01 g/cm3
    Compressive Strength: 2000 Mpa
    Max service temp: 2200°C

    zirconia ceramics

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